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Boat Insurance

For many, a boat is among their most cherished possessions. Since it is also a very expensive investment, it makes sense to acquire proper boat insurance. Unfortunately, like any other owned vehicle, your boat is exposed to potential theft or accidental damage. If your boat is damaged or a total loss, you may be facing a large bill- but not if you have good boat insurance.

Coverage for a watercraft ranges from total replacement of the vessel if it is destroyed, to personal liability coverage for any damage done by you, and everything in between. When deciding on which policy is right for you, consider what your needs and risks are. This is where a good insurance agency can help.

Full coverage boat insurance is the best choice for a boat owner who wants to insure his valuable property. With full coverage, the boat owner has the option to ensure the cost of replacing the vessel if it is a total loss. Coverage may also include any damage to either the boat’s structure or engine. The loss of or damage to personal property while on the vessel may also be covered. Other options can include personal injury protection, salvage or wreckage removal, reimbursement for loss of use and towing expense.

Liability insurance covers you in the event of accident that is your responsibility. Generally, a boat owner may opt for either boat liability coverage, also known as indemnity insurance, which will cover only damages done specifically by the vessel, or personal liability, which also covers any damage done by the boat owner, regardless of where or how this damage occurs.

Though liability-only insurance is usually the least expensive coverage available, it is important to remember that it will only cover the cost of damages or repairs to a third party. Losses to your property is not covered under liability insurance! So, even though liability-only insurance may often appear to be the most inexpensive option, if the vessel were to be destroyed, the cost of replacement would far outweigh the savings on policy premiums. SkyBlue Insurance Agency can be reached at 1-800-771-7758 or on-line at

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